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Robert Quale

Huron, SD

1933, 1794, Rockerville, F-10 Member, Sept. 21

"I was sworn into the CCC on May 4, 1933 in Huron, SD and entrained for Fort Meade, SD. We stayed there in 8-man tents while we were processed, including physicals, shots, and what clothing and bedding was available; and we were assigned to different camps which were under construction by the WPA.

One incident I remember was on payday, June 1st when some of the CCs went to a dance in Sturgis and a Bru-ha-ha developed between the CCs and the army enlisted men from Fort Meade. The CCs were paid $30 per month and the army privates $21. On this night some blood flowed and shiners and bloody noses were received.

During the first part of June we were taken by army truck to our assigned camps. My first camp was Camp Horse Creek between Pactola and Hill City. We were supervised by the army while in camp and the forest rangers while working in the woods.

When we accomplished our mission at Horse Creek we were transferred to Camp Rockerville, 16 miles south of Rapid City and I ended my CCC career in September 1933 when I got a job with the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad.

While we were in the CCC, tourists complimented us on the fine job we were doing. They called us Roosevelt's Army.

We kids in those days were pretty hard up and our only possessions were what we carried on our backs. We didn't have movies or cameras or P. R. men to further our cause. Hope the wise-en-heimers can figure out some way to help the youngsters nowadays, but with this inflated economy its going to be pretty hard to get these kids to work for their room and board like we did." x

Robert Quale was born in Canada about 1914 and and in 1940 his address was listed as 616 Frank Ave S E Huron, Beadle, South Dakota

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