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Custer State Park
The objective of the CCs in Camps Pine Creek, Doran, Lodge, and Narrows (Robber's Roost) was not to improve on nature but to make it more enjoyable and accessible to the nature loving public and to aid wildlife (1937).
Dams that created Horsethief Lake near Mount Rushmore and Stockade Lake, Center Lake, and Bismarck Lake in Custer State Park, were constructed by CCs supervised by state park employees under the jurisdiction of national park staff. Horsethief Lake is located west of Mount Rushmore, Stockade east of Custer at the west entrance to Custer State Park, Bismarck north of Stockade, and Center Lake about 3 miles off U. S. Alternate 16, then 1/2 mile south on a side road.
CCs developed recreation areas at Horsethief Lake, Stockade Lake, Center Lake, and Grizzly Bear camp ground and along French Creek near Blue Bell. They built the state museum, 17 cabins at Sylvan Lake, most of the buildings at the resort area of Blue Bell, and the custodian's 5-room log cabin and barn; installed sewer and water systems at Sylvan Lake, Blue Bell, Game Lodge and the Custodian's house; built the lookout tower and developed the scenic viewing area on Mount Coolidge; constructed bridges at Sunday and Palmer Gulches, the double arch bridge across French creek, and a pigtail bridge on Iron Mountain Road.
In addition, the CCs cleaned and landscaped many miles of park road, built the park telephone system , developed other scenic points, foot trails, and bridle paths and did considerable work at the zoo and state farm. They erected over 50 informational signs, exterminated bark beetles on thousands of acres, built many fire trails, and extinguished numerous forest fires.1

Custer State Park and The Civilian Conservation Corps

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