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Category: Camp-News  Date: 2015-09-25


CCC Camp Mayo CooksCCC Camp Mayo Cooks
courtesy photo Milton Schleve

(With apologies to the Psalmists from the Orderly Room of Co. 907, Alta Loma, Calif.)

1. There is much life, substance and subsistence in CCC stew, for it is composed of matter.

2. The manifestations of stew are infinite and incalculable, for it is served daily.

3. Stew is the universal dish, it is composed of the best of all there is and there is none other.

4. Praises to the Most High, the Mess Fund is now out of the red, due to the past and present prevalence of stew.

5. Stew is the food of the gods; therefore eat stew and become godlike.

6. Stew is matter; therefore eat stew and be material.

7. It does not yet appear what kind of stew we shall have for supper; but this we know, that when bigger and better stews are concocted, we shall have them.

8. Yea: Tho we walk thru the valley of the shadow of the Mess Hall and of death, we shall fear no evil, for stew shall be our life and our salvation.

9. Its smell allures us, its consistency inveigles us, it is our rod and our staff.

10. It anoints our faces with gravy, surely it runneth over and it is an abomination unto our O.D. pants.

11. Blessed are they who dwell in the secret place of the Most High "Mess Hall," for they shall partake of the stew forever.


submitted by Leo Williams.

CCC Camp Mess HallCCC Camp Mess Hall - courtesy photo Milton Schleve
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(With apologies to the Psalmists from the Orderly Room of Co. 907, Alta Loma, Calif.)