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Designation: SCS-3  Date: 2021-03-17


South Dakota Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) camp located in city park of NE Alcester, SD


1934, 08/03 - 1934, 10/01, 2746
1935, 06/27 - 1941, 2746
1942, 4725V
Date Closed: 1942, Sep

Work was done on private land under the Soil Erosion Service and Soil Conservation Service. Enrollees in Company 2746 and WWI veterans in Company 4725V demonstrated soil and water conservation through terraces, pasture furrows, gully controls and contour farming to reduce run-off and erosion. They planted shelterbelts and used strip farming and rough tillage to reduce wind erosion and built stock dams to conserve water and improve grazing utilization. In 1937, the men planted 7,050 trees in Union County State Park and established a tree nursery at Vermillion. Tours showing results aided in the organization of conservation districts in Clay, Union, Bon Homme and Lincoln Counties.

CCC Camp Alcester
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43° 1' 30.960" N96° 37' 40.980" W

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