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Category: Event  Date: 2019-09-07

Great-Grandson Visits Museum

James Joseph McEntee (September 19, 1884 - October 13, 1957) was an American machinist and labor leader who served as the second director of the Civilian Conservation Corps from February 26, 1940 until it was terminated in 1942.

On September 6, 2019 James McEntee's great-grandson Thomas Mahan visited the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Museum of South Dakota. While viewing the displays Mr. Mahan thought he spotted his great grandfather in one of the photos. While unlikely it may be possible that Assistant Director McEntee was visiting South Dakota at the time the photo was taken.

Thomas Mahan views displays at CCC MuseumThomas Mahan views displays at the CCC Museum of SD
CCC Director McEnteeSecond Director of Civilian Conservation Corps James J. McEntee 1940-1942. Courtesy of the National Archives.

James McEntee met machinist Robert Fechner in 1911. When Fechner was named the first director of CCC, he brought on McEntee as executive assistant director. Following Fechner's death McEntee was nominated as Director by President Franklin Roosevelt.

During World War II, Mr. McEntee served on the United States Shipbuilding Commission and during the Korean War served with the United States Production Authority.

Mr. McEntee was the former secretary-treasurer of the metal trades department of the American Federation of Labor. At the time of his death, he was vice president of the New Jersey Machinists Council and was a delegate to the State Federation of Labor.

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Great-Grandson of James McEntee visited the CCC Museum of SD.