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Irvan E. Harold (Slim)

Keystone, SD

1933-34, 1794, Rockerville, F-10 LEM
1935, 791, Lightning Creek, F-14 LEM
1937, 791, Lightning Creek, F-14

The following poem was composed by Ivan E. (Slim) Harold, Keystone, SD. LEM - Local Experienced (woods) Man - Sub Section Foreman of Section III

Old Seventeen Ninety Four

If you will just pause here a moment
I will open the door
And take you into our company
Old Seventeen Ninety Four

They come from far and near
Their number was ten score
Two hundred boys that were hard to beat
That made Seventeen Ninety Four

We have mechanics, clerks and farmers
The depression made us poor.
But we are a mighty happy gang
In Seventeen Ninety Four

We have had majors, captains, and lieutenants
And probably will have more
They all have been mighty fine men
That command old Seventeen Ninety Four

And there are men in the forestry
Whom none can come before.
You will not find any better
Outside of Seventeen Ninety Four

There is our orderly Sergeant
He will beg and he will implore
To try and keep the rules
Of Seventeen Ninety Four

We have a pretty fair bunch of cooks
The chow is not so poor
A lot of the boys took on weight
In Seventeen Ninety Four

I have seen lots of the camps
But I will look no more
Because I am pretty well contented
With the Seventeen Ninety Four

Now a lot of the boys are checking out
They will be CCC's no more
The are tired of chopping Jack Pines
For old Seventeen Ninety Four

Me thinks before the year has past
And they have roamed the country o'er
A lot of them will wish they'd stayed
In old Seventeen Ninety Four

Lunch time at CCC Camp Rockerville

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