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Chauncey D. Green

Keystone, SD

1933, 1794, Rockerville, F-10 LEM

Chauncey Green was 25 years old when he worked for Gutzon Borglum at Mount Rushmore in 1929. He was a laborer and callman. His pay that year was 0.50/hr.

In 1933 Chauncey enrolled in the Civilian Conservation Corps and was assigned to Camp Rockerville as a local experienced man (LEM).

In 1934 he returned to Rushmore and worked as winchman for 0.55/hr; later promoted to Jr. Driller at 0.60/hr and was at that job and pay in 1935.

Chauncey Green died in 1961. He was a calcimine and house painter. His wife was Erma Conklin; father James H. Green, Brother Irvin Green.

Great nephew Richard Wellman confirmed info at the Museum on August 31, 2016.

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