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Cecil Harold Lynde

Chelsea, SD

1939, 2749, Columbia (Sand Lake), BF-2 Member
1940, 789, Este, F-3

Cecil Harold Lynde was born April 4, 1920 at Chelsea, South Dakota. He attended Northville High School, Northville, South Dakota. Unable to find work at home Cecil applied for work with the Civilian Conservation Corps. Mr. Lynde's records indicate service at Columbia (Camp Sand Lake) and then Camp Roubaix in the Black Hills. Type of work is listed as truck driver and manner of performance was very good, above average.

NOTE: While the records indicate the camp was Roubaix, Company 789 and designation F-3 indicate Camp Este. It is possible that Roubaix was the location of discharge.

Photo and information provided by family of Cecil Lynde on August 7, 2016.

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