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Frank L.B. Johnson

Edgemont, Custer, SD

1933-34, 1791, Custer, F-12 LEM
1935, 1791, Custer (Vestal Springs), F-12 Night Watchman
1937, 1791, Custer, F-12

Frank L.B. Johnson was a charter member of Camp Custer. In 1933, he was listed as a woodsman with an Edgemont, South Dakota address, thereafter it changed to Custer. He continued as a woodsman in 1934 and was then both a local experienced man (LEM) as a woodsman and night watchmen in 1935. No report was available for 1936, and by 1937 Frank was listed as an assistant leader, as was Jack Kirchgesler.x

xPeggy Sanders "Civilian Conservation Corps: In and Around the Black Hills" Arcadia Publishing

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