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The Civilian Conservation Corps did a lot of great work in South Dakota between 1933 and 1942. If you have information about men or projects, please contact the CCC Museum of South Dakota.
Harney Peak Memories
George Roe visited the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Museum of South Dakota in 2012. He was part... . . . . more
Victoria Lake
The concrete dam at Lake Victoria was damaged during the Rapid City flood on June 9th, 1972. The dam... . . . . more
35 Skunk This Month
He was not so enthusiastic about an association with a skunk he met in close quarters . . . . more
CCC Camps in 1933
List of first the CCC Camps. Some of them received "Bird Cages" from the US Post Office. . . . . more
Army Personnel Changes
Lieutenant Norman R. Smith, Company Commander, was called to active service the fore part of this mo . . . . more
Life in a CCC Camp
Jay Hendrickson can still remember it. . . . . more
Open House 2015
Special guests were CCC workers: Jay Hendricksen, Hill City; Pat Ryan, Custer; Elmore Omdahl, Rapid . . . . more
CCC Museum Open House
CCC Museum of South Dakota 2015 Open House . . . . more
Garvey Returns
Lt. Dale Garvey, Former Junior Officer, Returns as Commander of Co. 4726 . . . . more
Horsethief Lake
Horsethief Lake was created in the 1930s when the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) built a dam on P . . . . more
Pelican Paradise
Civilian Conservation Corps workers built dikes and water control structures that eventually resulte . . . . more
Reunion Dedication
A.J. Williams, Iven Jacobson, Jay Hendrickson, Jayson Dykstra, Melvin Hermanson, Stanley Hawthorn an... . . . . more
Multi Repurposing
Regenerating a building by modifying someone else's creation into a new form and function, under res . . . . more
CCC Museum proud to be part of Hill City Extravaganza . . . . more
Memorial Day 1939
The torch of liberty and freedom has been handed down to us so let us not fail our fallen heroes. . . . . more
Hills Forests Ready
New legislation would put several hundred men to work . . . . more
First in South Dakota
Este was the first South Dakota camp opened and one of the last closed. . . . . more
The Emergency Conservation Work Act and put into action by President Roosevelt. . . . . more
FDR Wins Election
We advocate an immediate and drastic reduction of governmental expenditures. . . . . more
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